Gotharman’s Anamono

Here’s an interesting boutique synthesizer from Denmark called the Anamono. It has digital oscillators, analog and digital filters, a feedback circuit, a granulator delay, a ring mod, overdrive circuit, modulation sources and MIDI. The best thing about it is the sounds:

It’s the voice you joy: mp3 various presets: mp3 Glitch: mp3 Ugly Can: mp3

“Fully programable and controllable 16-step step granulator – Delay/granulator times up to 1.5 second. Ring modulator, that can process both internal sounds and sound coming via the external audio input. External audio input lets you process any sound with Anamono’s filters, g-RAY feedback circuit, granulator/delay, ringmodulator and analogue overdrive 2 envelopes and 2 step-modulators, all having 2 sets of settings, that can be morphed between, using any modulation source. 2 LFO’s with morphable waveforms and key-sync. 256 preset memory locations.” – –

The Anamono is 529 EURO. More more info:

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