Goldbaby Tape Drum Machines Vol.3

Goldbaby has recorded some more drum machines to tape. The new Vol.3 sample pack is $29. He has some good free packs on his site too. Having a few Ableton Impulse patches created out of these nicely recorded machines is handy.

“Drum Machines used: RZ-1, TR-55, XD-5, MFB-522, DDM-110, DDM-220, DPM-48, RX-21L, R-100, ED-10, PB-300 and the DSM-1. The Tape machines used: Otari MX5050 1/4″, Rolla 77 valve mono 1/4 inch, and the Hitachi Cassette deck. Plus the UBK Fatso was also used!” –

For audio samples and more info:

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Oliver Chesler

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2 thoughts on “Goldbaby Tape Drum Machines Vol.3”

  1. I purchased “When Alien Drum Robots Attack” the morning it was released…good quality stuff. Very Electro sounds but none of the standard overproduced beep shit everyones putting out….made some bonkers loops with it.

    Im starting to think this company samples tape saturation via convolution methods and layers them with samples…they are still worth it….just think his tape machine is colortone.

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