CERN Hadron Collider Sample Set

Here’s a link to some audio samples from The European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN) Large Hadron Collider and computer room. Listen and download the samples: click here

“Above all, we want everyone to be able to share in the wonder and excitement of the greatest experiment ever built. We feel passionately that everyone is capable of appreciating what is happening at CERN and that it is the responsibility of those of us already `in the know’ to find new and better ways of sharing the awe-inspiring magnificence of it all. The LHC belongs to us all; you paid for it to be built and you will enjoy the technological advances it brings.” –

For more info:

photo credit: AndiH

via Matrixsynth


  1. If you’re into Sonification (that’s what turning abstract data into sound is called) I got some more links for you:
    JAXA interpreted the surface of the moon acousticly, some (creative) guy made the solar system into sound – and just today some scientists analyzed the sound of the sun.
    (Concerning the LHCsound, I wrote something about it here – but it’s in german ;).)

    Thank’s for your comment to my flickr picture!


    1. Thanks for the links Andi… interesting futury stuff. I like!


  2. the link isn’t working. Can anyone place a new link where the CERN sounds may be downloaded?


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