10 Free Ableton Live Sets from Minus

For those who like there music making with a heavy click swing, deep bass and the flavor of Berlin.

“The Live Sets were made exclusively for Ableton by ten artists from the Minus roster. Each Set comes with a companion Lesson that reveals insights into the artist’s musical vision and offers valuable production tips. Includes material from: Click Box, Hobo, Heartthrob & Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barem, Ambivalent, JPLS and Gaiser. This Live Pack requires Live 8.1.3 or higher. To install the Pack, download it, unzip it and double-click the .alp file. You’ll then be asked where to save the contents of the Pack.”

Download the Live Pack: click here

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

3 thoughts on “10 Free Ableton Live Sets from Minus”

  1. Wow! Impressive post. Seriously. Wicked!!! Shows you how non of the other readers of your blog know jack shit about Minimal.

  2. This is completely and utterly amazing and brilliant, I can’t think of a better way to learn about how producers make their tunes – do more of this kinf of thing, please – and thanks very much to everyone involved. Class!!

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