Meet Me In the Bottom

Last week I replied to a post on the Gearslutz forums which had to do with your all time favorite tip or trick. I said something like “Live it up… Boring people make boring music.”. I was surprised some people had a negative reaction to that. It made me wonder are there people out there who know they are boring and defend that aspect of themselves as a virtue? There is usually a price to pay in order to be a good musician. Sure there are natural born talents and there are those who practice non-stop. There is another way into the cool club and that’s hard painful living. Now to be clear partying too much won’t get you fame or fans but in the reciepe for great musician is the ingredient called pain. It’s nothing new as you can see in this video from 1966. The Blues live on in lots of music styles. Repect to Howlin’ Wolf and to my cousin Steve who posted this video on his Facebook wall.

“With a booming voice and looming physical presence, Burnett is commonly ranked among the leading performers in electric blues; musician and critic Cub Koda declared, “no one could match Howlin’ Wolf for the singular ability to rock the house down to the foundation while simultaneously scaring its patrons out of its wits.” –

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8 thoughts on “Meet Me In the Bottom”

  1. I did not give you permission to use this, Oliver.
    Forget it. You’re not my favorite cousin anymore, turd.
    Don’t copy me anymore man.

  2. Oliver, it’s not they they don’t realize they are boring…it’s just that they can’t think for themselves. well, at least that’s how i see it.

  3. Interesting.
    When I read the post and hadn’t yet watched the video, I thought it might be, that people need something interesting in their live, some source of emotion to draw inspiration from and make music with a point. It does not necessarily have to be pain, I think. But what are you gonna do otherwise? Copy others, I guess and try to figure out a cool sounding hook and that’s it.

    About the negative reaction.
    Maybe people get scared when they hear a general negative statement of a group of people and can identify themselves in that group.
    About one or two years ago someone posted, that he was bored of a lot of newer productions, cause people would just layer ready made loops from collections and add some efx (which was so true at the time). He did not attack anyone, but there was a whole mob of aggressive replies whether he could do it better and why he’d talk bad about other people’s music. It’s a strange attitude, but I think people get scared, that a statement might take general respect away from their works, especially when they are caught in their weak spot.

  4. Seems to be the way, nothing makes better music than loosing everything, be it your wealth, your health or your mind. Maybe its just the harsh contrast it presents that reminds you exactly how valuable your life and your journey is. With out contrast in our lives how do we come to any realisations? I feel advantaged in having periods of psychosis, loosing my mind has been endless inspiration for me, hell i even named my main project after an episode where i truly believed i could walk through walls. Its made me a stronger person, if i let the sadness and isolation consume me i wouldn’t be making anything at all, taking it on as experience though its the best medicine i could hope for.

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