Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Bundle

Years ago I owned a Lexicon MPX1. I was amazed to see they still sell the unit! Today I use Lexicon reverb impulse responses inside Altiverb. It gets me a good retro 80s reverb sound I like. I didn’t try the new native LXP bundle so I can’t tell you if it has that Lexicon sound. Honestly I doubt it but if anyone has tried these and they are “it” let me know. The main obstacle here as will be the $750 price. Many of the old hardware units are still around and operating. Will this software still be up and running in 15 years?

“Lexicon’s LXP Native Reverb Bundle provides your music with an engaging aura that brings it to life by placing it in the perfect resonant space.” – lexiconpro.com

For more info: lexiconpro.com

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8 thoughts on “Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Bundle”

  1. I have an LXP-1 hardware unit, and I really love the sound of it! Wouldn’t switch it for a software based one, with all the hassle it makes (rlike outing stuff out and back into the DAW). I haven’t tried these neither, but so far I must say no software reverb was ever as good as a hardware one, so for things where quality matters I would always go for the latter. And it’s even cheaper. You can find used units for quite a reasonable price (200-300 € for the LXP-1).

  2. Aha, Altiverb!
    So… I always wanted to know one thing.
    Can I use it for mixing? Like when u do “3-dimentional” mixing and put sounds and instuments on different areas in space) Like something on background, something on foreground and, for example, something in the middle. U know.
    Like usually people use send channels for it. And put reverbs like ambience, room, hall on ’em … blahblah.
    So, I always thought that IR reverb works a bit different than “standard” reverbs. Can I use IR reverberation for mixing??? (actually maybe everyone does it. I just don’t know.)
    They just sounds different)

      1. yeah, yeah
        i know ’bout this plugin. it’s really nice
        and the whole Wavearts bundle is awesome! U wrote before that u use some wavearts plugins.
        My favorite plugin is TrackPlug. It just works great. i mean filters,eq n other things.

  3. If you’re gonna use it audio unit, beware of ZAPS! I demoed the other native pcm bundle, and upon loading 2 of the algorithms, I got a full digital blast coming out that would not disappear until I pressed play. They even acknowledged it was a bug, but there’s no way I’m going back again.

  4. I have a Lexicon Core 2 on a Windows ME machine just to print some reverb onto tracks. It’s sort of a pain but it also runs Logic and can do a solid 8 tracks of digital audio. I wonder how much improved the software DSP of the new version is like.

  5. The word from Lexicon is that this is not a reproduction of the hardware LXPs. Rather, the “LXP” title simply represents a reduced parameter set (and some differences in algorithms) from the PCM native reverbs.

    If in doubt, try them both….there are 15-day demo downloads on the Lexicon site.

    The prices are indeed high; hopefully these will come down in time. However, don’t hold your breath: there is enough demand for Lexicon reverbs that there might be little motivation for Lex to reduce prices.

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