Make music videos with iMovie in 5 minutes

There’s really no excuse for not having a bunch of music videos for your own music. Most cell phones have video cameras good enough to record content. Every Mac comes with iMovie and you may be surprised how fast you can make a killer music video with it. Macworld has laid it out in an article called, “We’ve got the beat (markers)“. I highly recommend loading up iMovie and follow this article step by step. It’s actually just three quick steps but once you do it you will smile. Collect some short video clips, stills and spread yourself on YouTube and why not play the video behind you when you perform live?

“iMovie ’09 is ideally suited for creating short movies, but Apple included a feature that appeals specifically to people who want to make music videos: beat markers” –

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  1. yeh I do intend to get Adobe Premiere Pro someday (I’m a PC user so no iMovie for me) and make videos for some of my stuff – it’s proper easy to line up the video timeline with the waveform beneath and great fun – Discreet Plasma is a program I had once where I worked and I’d love to have a copy of that – its not made anymore (people just use vector render options in 3DS I think) but I loved how streamlined and nice that program was for making 3D vector animations…

  2. @raytrace – one of the benefits of being a PC user is that you get to use Sony Vegas. That program is beyond awesome, and handles very much like a DAW. Cheap too

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