Smoking Kills (The Horrorist – Electrofied mix) – Millimetric

Smoking Kills (The Horrorist-Electrofied Mix) – Millimetric by thingstocome

Here’s a clip of a remix I just finished for Millimetric. I played it live in Stuttgart and it past the club test so it’s in his inbox. From a production standpoint your hearing Vermona DRM-1 drums through Izotope Trash, white noise crashes from a Yamaha CS5, the 90′s T99 or 80′s Vomito Negro sample is in an Ableton Simpler going through various Sugar Bytes Effectrix presets. My vocals are through a Shure KSM32 and Wavearts plug-ins.


For more info:

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5 Responses to “Smoking Kills (The Horrorist – Electrofied mix) – Millimetric”

  1. tres cool Oliver… great stuff! Cheers…

  2. Schwarzkopff says:

    soon on beatport !!! i hope so….

  3. lewis.72 says:

    I dig the dropout around the .47 second mark! Killer remix Oliver!

  4. christian says:

    Awesome remix. Dark, snappy and cold – and no bullshit!

  5. holy nouce says:

    fucking great!!!!!!!! machines with rage

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