Kaoss Pad Touchpad Picture Mod

Check out these modified Korg Kaoss Pad’s featured on the circuit bending blog GetLoFi. I don’t know if it’s a requirement to use vintage tv/film images but I like the effect! Here’s the two articles that tell you more about the mods and people behind them:

Modifying Kaossilator Touch Pad Area: click here
Kaoss Pad Pitch Modification w/Internal Controls: click here

Via: getlofi.com

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  1. I think moding the looks of equipment is cool period, when you play live. Does anyone know a decent tutorial on how to mod equipment in general?
    I hate the looks of my apc 40 and wanted to do something about it, but as a handcraft noop I don’t dare just to try. What colors to use? How to do some lettering (if possible at all)?

    My Google search did not spit out much.

    Please post if you know something.


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