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I like to keep my electronic music studio as modern looking as possible. I also like to set a mood. During my day job I came across these very cool lights from Philips called Livingcolors. They are LEDs that change colors. The original has a remote that has a color wheel in which you can select out of 16 million colors. The mini version has the color wheel on the lamp and lets you choose out of 256 colors. You can get the Philips 818564 LivingColors Mini on Amazon for $89 and the larger Philips 818566 LivingColors Translucent Changing LED Lamp with Remote for $190. I would say forget the lava lamp and live in twenty ten with one of these.

“Bright sunshine yellow when it’s grey outside. A pale leaf-green to relax you. Touch the color ring and LivingColors lights up your world in any shade you choose, from soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colors. 16 million colors possible. Dimming and adjustable color intensity. Intuitive remote control. Including automatic color changing.” –

If you have serious money and are building your studio new consider Go Energy’s GO FLL Planar Lighting GFS03T Troffer (your build it into the ceiling). It’s a 2×2 Foot panel made of LED light with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) that allows you to change it’s color temperature and brightness by remote. These run about $600 each but if you see one in person you will appreciate the look.

The best part these lights are all energy efficient.

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6 thoughts on “Philips Livingcolors”

  1. Really want one! Bit pricey at the minute mind – looks like they were cheaper last year so hopefully they’ll come down in price again.

  2. I saw these in Media Markt in Germany when I was living there, I wanted to get one but I was moving back to the states so the voltage and outlet differences caused an issue.

    Happy to see that you have found them, and a smaller cheaper one as well!

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