Sonorasaurus is another DJ App. There’s going to be a lot of them and the idea really makes sense on the iPad. It should be interesting to see how long it’s going to take before they are common place in clubs. This one is getting good reviews. You can grab it here for $12.99: click here (iTunes link)

“Two standalone decks each with a dedicated effects module offering reverb, flange, distortion, tremelo, echo and high pass. Beat-highlighted waveforms to further fascilitate beatmatching. BPM Tapper for easy BPM calculation. Pitch controls for adjusting the playback speed of your tunes and a dynamic jog area for getting your beatmatching just right . A crossfader and volume controls for mixing your songs together to any degree you choose. EQs and Gains for fine tuning the volume, low, mid and high frequency ranges. Split audio mode for headphone cueing (requires a Y adapter). A built in HTTP upload interface for adding songs to your mixing library.” –

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One thought on “Sonorasaurus”

  1. grr. i love my iphone and apps as much as the next guy, and for someone who cant afford every effects module to make his or her set stand out from the rest, an iphone app that has build in effects, and runs similarly to Traktor seems like a very viable and attractive option.

    BUT! Ill be damned if i ever walk into a gig with JUST AN iphone or ipad! I feel naked enough walking in with a macbook pro, crate of essentials, and my APC40.

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