Hex OSC Full Harmonic Keyboard

I’ve always wanted a C-Thru Axis keyboard. I think it would definitely spark some creativity. The price has always been the issue. Interestingly you can now get a Harmonic table keyboard for your iPad (or iPhone but that misses the point). It’s called Hex OSC Full and it’s $15.99: click here (iTunes link)

“Hex Series is musical keyboard software for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, which has substantial 98 keys. The keyboard layout can be changed in order to extend tone range by a single shake while you play in iPhone / iPod touch. Hexagonal keys have certain note relationships like guitar chords. When you know the patterns, you can transpose smoothly. Furthermore, both Hex OSC and Hex OSC Full transmit OSC(Open Sound Control), so you can control software and hardware ,which can deal with OSC. You can also control MIDI software and hardware by converting OSC to MIDI. We provide patch for Max/MSP named “HexOSCtoMIDI” for free.” – sky-light.jp/hex/en/

For more info: sky-light.jp/hex/en/

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5 thoughts on “Hex OSC Full Harmonic Keyboard”

  1. Yet again, on yet another blog I ask – why isn’t this available on Windows and Macs? The audience is 1000s of times larger. I just do NOT understand all these developers releasing these great cheap applications on iPad and not on the computer platforms that EVERY musician already has.

  2. @DL White – Hit two notes at the same time with your mouse… I wrote a patch just like this for my Lemur, it was great! Can’t wait to try it in the iPad.

  3. I too really wanted an Axis just not at that price.

    I am REALLY torn on the ipad thing, on one hand I am against the closed platform and apple have been acting like total jerks as of late. Plus I know you need to speak with your dollar.
    But it seems like every week there is some new cool app I want. I also feel I should have one just to demo new music apps on the show.

    the… inner… struggle…

  4. Just like the iPiano thingy didn’t replace midi controllers with a piano layout this one cannot replace the Axis. I have one and also played on the iPhone.. same layout different experiences.. I see it as a handy addon not a replacement to the Axis.. The velocity and hand on feel cannot be yet replicated by multitouch.

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