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People often ask me about monitor speakers. For years I used Yamaha NS10Ms and a very powerful Crown Amp. I also had a pair of large Alesis Monitor Two’s. My own opinion is you need a really powerful Amp to drive any speaker. That’s what you pay for and that’s what makes a speaker sound good. I’ve been slowly saving a bundle of cash to build a all new studio here in NYC and it’s definitely time to make the NS10Ms secondary helpers. So money no object what would I get? Adam S3X’s! I’ve heard them a few places and in each room they were majorly tight, bassy, bright and beautiful. They have a pair hooked up at Guitar Center on 14th St. Would I spend almost $7,000 on speakers? I purchased my NS10Ms in 1995 from Sam Ash Pro. That’s 15 years of use and they are still going. 15 Years divided by 7k = $39 a month. Who need a new car anyway? In the end I don’t know if I will bite but it’s always nice to have a Lamborghini to dream about.

“With 800-plus watts of onboard amplification, the system is capable of SPLs exceeding 126 dB, offering plenty of headroom, which adds to the SX3-H’s superb transient response. Despite all that punch, any amp noise was almost undetectable and the SX3-Hs provided long sessions without listening fatigue. And besides simply sounding right, mixes made on the SX3-Hs translated effortlessly to other systems.” – Mix

Here’s a few links to dream on: S3X at Mercenary, Gearslutz thread, and a Mix review.

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  1. Wow thats the first time I’ve heard Monitor Two’s mentioned anywhere! I have a pair and they do me well… a bit big though. I second your choice of Adams, great monitors. Some A7’s/ A5’s and sub would be my upgrade when the time comes for sure.

  2. I still use Monitor Twos with my home AV system. If you can find some used ADAM S3As, they’re as good if not better. I have S2As (three with a JBL sub) and they’re incredible. Good monitors are a painful check to write but I’ve never regretted it. Just keep some money to put some bass traps and other absorption in the room.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    If you’re thinking about spending that kind of cash I’d highly recommend you check out Barefoot Sound. I have a pair of their MM27’s and they make listening and working on music dreamy! They have new smaller ones, MM35, that cost a bit less. Check out the reviews on gearslutz, I don’t think there is a single bad comment other than the delivery backlogs they used to have. Many of the major studios in LA, NYC and Nashville have switched to them.

    What’s so great about the Barefoot design is they take the subs and mount them on the sides. When the subs fire they move opposite each other and cancel out any movement from the low frequency content. This allows the high frequency drivers to fire from a very stable platform and hence there is no smearing of the high frequencies. I thought it was a bunch of snake oil at first but when I heard them I was sold. I listened to the Adams and the Dynaudio Acoustics before after listening to the Barefoots. There was no comparison. They bring joy to me on a daily basis. Seriously the best investment in my studio I have ever made.

  4. There is a ton of attention surrounding the Adam’s right now. It’s the flavour of the month. If I had that kind of scratch to blow on speakers I would get the Klein & Hummel’s. Way better speaker than the Adam’s.

    I give you mad props about what you said about it’s all about the amp. Wow! You stole my heart on that one. Soooo true. Cool that you had a Crown. The Alesis Monitor One and RA100 amp combo was a BIG JOKE! I could see why you used a Crown with the Monitor Two’s. I would use a Crown or the Magnetic Field Carver amps. Warm and tons of headroom. I am personally looking for a mint pair of Monitor Two’s. I like the mid 90’s kit so much right now.

    Adam’s will cool off in a couple years. They’re like the new KRK or Genelecs. Flavor of the month. Hear the Klein & Hummel’s and you’ll thank me.

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