Scoble interviews Rana June aka worlds first iPad DJ

Heh funny.

“This is probably the reason that YouTube doesn’t allow every account to upload videos over 10 minutes long.” –

For more info:

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13 thoughts on “Scoble interviews Rana June aka worlds first iPad DJ”

  1. haha she is so not a DJ and the KORG app is technically a synth. i’d rather hear about how she uses those tools to make creative and interesting original music.

  2. Ummm this is a joke… right?

    I wonder how long she practiced her lines before they committed to shooting this wannaba “viral” marketing ploy.

    1. No advantage to being an early adopter.

      ipad cannot sync midi
      ipad cannot sync with itself (second unit)

      maybe she will discover the pacemaker unit next!

      (if i’m wrong about the syncing, please let me know!)

      interesting some people think this is viral / astroturf marketing, could be true

  3. If she were actually mixing between 2 ipads Create Digital Music would cover this sincerely.

    To me that is the funny part of this. What she is pretending to be and appeal to is just as lame.

    Who was the world’s first netbook DJ?

    Big news everybody Ableton has released 8.1.1 Sooo newsworthy compared to 8.1!

    Glitch music and circuit bending connected to the latest motorola cellphone for vocals!

    Blogger nerds are killing the coolness of DJing. I blame Create Digital Music and Richie Hawtin! I also blame Andre Agassi!

  4. the amazing thing is that this is actually a poorly planned viral video for Harley Davidson. And Budweiser.

    Quote around 1:30 “Or if I want to play two beats at the same time, something I’ve been doing a lot of lately” – groundbreaking DJ work there.

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