Photoshop CS5

Every musician is going to need to make his own album covers. If you can afford it Photoshop is the best tool for the job. There are some inexpensive alternatives such as Pixelmator but when it comes to pixel pushing Adobe’s code is king. Some of the new features in CS5 are like magic. Just take a look at “Content Aware Fill” in the video above. How the hell do they do that?

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  1. For those on a budget, which lets face it, is everyone nowadays, try out the freeware alternative to photoshop-GIMP, the GNU image manipulation program.
    Highly recommended, not just because it free either.


  2. oh,
    actually to make a good professional cover photoshop is NOT ENOUGH. U need as well f.ex in design(to put everything together in prepare for print), maybe illustrator(for vector graphics) :-)
    hello from Copenhagen!!!


  3. and the resynthesizer plugin for gimp is the same as the content-aware function!


    1. Thanks for that… good to know you can do that in gimp too!


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