Analogue Solutions Europa and Tama Techstar

The Tama Techstar is not too far from a Pearl Syncussion SY1. Paired with a new Analog Solutions Europa hardware TR style sequencer and you have vintage drum machine awesomeness! I need to get this set up myself… it’s certainly unique.

The TAMA TS-305 is a 6 channel drum synth module. It can be used as a desktop module or a massive 7u 19″ Rackmount. Each channel is a mini analogue synth drum module, capable of producing a wide range of electronic drum sounds, and since every parameter is defined by a knob, it’s highly tweakable.” –

Would you spend around a grand for a set up like this?

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7 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Europa and Tama Techstar”

  1. Analogue is the shit…I’ve still not heard a VST that even comes close to replicating that badass sound. That sequencer seems pretty sweet too! That setup looks worth a cool G to me!

  2. I have a Tama Techstar Tsq-1000 that lets you do almost exactly what the Europa is doing here, it uses Sync24 and has 6 trigger outs.

  3. Yes!!! a sequencer with some real swing for once.
    You turds have no clue how important swing/shuffle is for Minimal.

  4. Yea that’s the Hamma Shaffle! 5:23 is where it’s at for me, almost a 303 sound with the toms. That part with the Europa shaffle on the highest setting !!!!

  5. got something simlar with a yamaha rx7 driving an InLineEffects Drumfire and a Synare3, which sound a million times better than the TAMA stuff. A friend has the pearl syncussion and its real sweet,too… Would i pay a grand for it? fuck no. Id get a vermona.

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