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There have been stabs at server side sequencers for collaborative music creation but none have really been nice enough that I would want to use them. I love the French based Ohm Force plug-ins so maybe the newly announced Ohm Studio will be the one to make this needed concept work. Beyond creation there is a online community aspect. Certainly the video above was done right!

Ohm Studio is a standalone real-time collaborative music making application (DAW/sequencer) in addition to a web based collaboration platform and a music driven online cohmunity. Ohm Studio is a real sequencer. A standalone application for Windows or Mac OS X. Midi editing, envelopes, piano roll, audio effects and virtual instruments: exactly what you’re already used to. But now using all that tools with your friends, online. – ohmstudio.com

No word on pricing. A pure guess is there will be a monthly fee. So do you like? Seem interesting?

For more info: ohmstudio.com

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7 thoughts on “Ohm Studio”

  1. Very cool. Hope it actually works. It’s only a matter of time I guess until bandwidth speeds take all the latency problems out of “real time” collaboration on line. I hope this is better than ejamming or ninjam.
    Others might also be interested in non-real time based collaboration with sites like http://www.notethrower.com
    which adds a licensing model on top of the collaboration aspect. The issue of copyrights has always been a problem for these collaboration sites.

  2. Looks cool if it can deliver. Can a browser give you the same experence as a local app? I think so. Can it do it today? maybe, I mean I thought webmail was weak now I think gmail is the greatest client out.
    And what kind of STABLE connection are you going to need to have to record stereo 24bit audio? I guess it will be cached locally so its not “real time” but maybe close enough?

    I think in time we will see alot more of this if for no other reason then to prevent piracy.

  3. Well then…great news…I have beta tested Ohm Studio now for around half a year…It is not browser based, it is a full scale DAW that you access on Ohm Studio’s web site…

    Let me tell you, it is real time…they have a chat feature that, while you may not be in the same room, you are like in the next room, cause you cant see the other person you are collaborating with, but you can hear them…Kind of like shouting to Fred, “Hey Fred, give me a cool sounding guitar solo, with your super duper setup there in the next room”!!!
    No latency issues at all, that Ive faced.

    Ive recorded like 10 full songs on it so far, some songs as many as 24 tracks..no problem…

    You may be thinking, how can someone with a ton of plugins play in the same session as a guy with no plugins?…its easy…you record your part with like Kontakt 5 or something, after recording it … hit the ‘freeze’ button and they other people in the session can see and hear it right away…
    This is the next big thing in online collab’s…the learning curve was easy for me, and Im not a DAW geek at all…I love it…and even use it as one of my main DAWs now…give it a go when the beta goes public..you will see the endless possibilities of real time collaborating with someone a zillion miles away, no problem….

    harry stiles

    1. Oh yeah…it does record in 24 bit audio…sounds great…like the sound I get better than with my Sonar even…it comes with a selection of plugins, but you can use any third party 32 bit plug in you may have…

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