Korg iElectribe review

I hope the guys over at D16 imported iPad’s for themselves. iElectribe (iTunes link) is $9.99.

“This software version is so similar to the Electribe hardware, I already know how to use it on the first day!” – VJFranzK

via Synthtopia

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9 thoughts on “Korg iElectribe review”

    1. never samizdat ;)

      for some reason when you release software for a novelty item, you can make it really good for a low price. but when it goes on a PC it’s minimum $100

  1. Nice, should be a vst though. Ipad with no sync and no multitasking makes it toyish. Korg should of made a vst of this instead of an ipad app or both.

  2. It’s nuts how they can make this for so cheap, but if it’s for PC (or MAC) it costs your left arm. Guess it’s the VST. Nice review of it none the less.

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