How to use the iPad as an Ableton Live controller.

I’m sure there will be plenty of iPad to Ableton Apps however here’s a way to get going today. Check out more info on Ryan Noise here:

“How to use APPLE IPAD to control Ableton Live wireless using “OSC, OSCulator, Touchosc and Python script.” – dripatlanta

A natural connection or will you wait for an iPad sequencer up to the task?

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7 thoughts on “How to use the iPad as an Ableton Live controller.”

      1. I will be very interested to see if they do this. On one hand they could take a huge chunk out of their hardware sales and totally devalue the “deluxe awesome” that the brand has.

        On the other hand they could be leaving millions on the table that someone else will come and collect by knocking off their UI.

        Whatever happens I guarantee those dudes are working harder now then they ever have…

        Cant wait to see how it all shakes out, either was it looks good for us!

  1. I’m happy with my Lemur even if it’s expensive.
    I think the new (Mu) Max for live plugin makes
    the Lemur to a deluxe Ableton live controller.

    There will follow much more touch screen controller from other Company’s.
    Touch screen technology is every where.

    But more impotent is the App behind a controller.
    Software needs hardware or in newer days all in one with an iPAD .

  2. haha.
    ths time they use the whole computer to use it as midi controller.
    I think they should make an editor for it.
    like to make custom layouts. like ths editor could give an oportunity to build or constuct a whole controller from simple parts, like faders buttons and so on.
    It’d be like u got ableton on one screen and all controls on another portable screen which u can take with u.
    As a performer u know how it could help. U just could take it and go in the middle of a crowd and do whatever u want. No wires man.
    Ths is and old idea. After Wii remote controller I realized that soon all midi controllers will be remote.
    Even I Sometimes could get some troubles when I use my Korg nano Kontrol. For example I could jump on a table with it to play something and >< the wire is not to long and it unplugged and it sux. And when u got it during gig it sux twice.
    So, this is really good idea to use wireless midi controllers with customizable interface. Yeah!

    PS I should write to this guy maybe. . . hm

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