Energy Flash remake and The Tunnel 1995-97

Energy Flash – Vinyl Life from Tape Theory on Vimeo.

Here’s two videos that bring you back into the techno 90s. Above we have a pretty cool remake of Joey Beltram’s classic track Energy Flash (iTunes link) from Vinyl Life. Next we have some video from one of Peter Gatien’s clubs The Tunnel. I first went to the Tunnel around 1986 (I was 16). The dancing around 1:00 in will get you laughing.

I have a lot of stories from The Tunnel none of which I’m going to commit to “print”. Do you have any you care to share?


  1. Jacky_MentalMaths April 3, 2010 at 6:37 am

    arman van heldan looks like borat.


  2. And no one dances in America anymore…


  3. People should still dance like this…

    today they’re all busy holding up their cell phone cam … =P


  4. Mr. Wave shows how it is done!


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