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Nothing beats the sound of the 80s. Period. At least that’s my own view. The amazing and expensive Fairlight CMI was the sampler that defined much of the 80s sound. Bands like Art of Noise used the Fairlight extensively. I once owned a Roland S-50 sampler and it had a small copy of the Fairlight’s amazing sound set. I miss those sounds so I’m happy to report that PowerFX has released a Refill for Propellerheads Reason called Fairlight CMI Legacy.

“This library collects an awesome amount of ultra clean recordings of the original sounds from the Fairlight CMI II, the world’s first real sampling based workstation as premiered some time before 1980. And this entire Reason 4 library costs much less than 64 kilobytes of memory did in 1980. The ReFill contains somewhat more than that, too. It carries 644 Megabyte of samples. You get over 2000 sounds in all, including all of the Fairlight’s 33 precious 8 inch factory discs. To celebrate the Fairlight feel, all new samples are labeled and arranged in virtual 8 inch disks as well.” – powerfx.com

The Refill has 491 patches, 1700 waveforms and costs $69. For a demo Refill and more: powerfx.com/ProductInfo.aspx?prod_id=1721

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5 thoughts on “Fairlight CMI Legacy Refill”

  1. Oooh… I’ve long hoped that someone would make some sort of VST/AU Fairlight and you could have some approximation of the light pen (via iPhone/Touch?). Like many who saw these as a child and had to make do later on with a Casio SK-1 or similar, I rather miss that most contemporary samplers do so little to encourage you to make and invent your own samples rather than just buying libraries to use in them.

    That said, I’m tempted by these very nostalgic sounds…

    I was looking around for other mentions and sounds for the refill and found this:


    It seems you’re being sampled into some other language and then back again…!

    1. I agree the point of samplers aka to sample your own sounds has taken a back seat to library’s which is lame… I have fond memories of sampling door screatches, etc.. time to do that again! Yeah there seems to be a ton of “sblogs” that copy the stuff here but I don’t mind.

  2. Thanks very much for noticing & commenting! :) I have now released a web page collecting the demos made up until now, some user comments and some background info.

    It’s all available here:


    Greetings from Sweden! :)
    Patrick Fridh – the man behind the putting-a-fairlight-in-a-laptop-case-idea! :)

  3. Thanks a lot Oliver, we’ll see! :) I think it grows slowly into people’s mind, hopefully slowly but safely. I keep adding new stuff to it and I added a better DX/TX harp yesterday; today a typical “Pearl In The Shell” synth brass patch. Very appropriate since I got friends with HJ on FB just a few hours ago. It’s for sure an exciting time.


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