Chatroulette Piano Player

What’s one way to spend your musician skills? Improving on Chatroulette of course! Slightly funny and awesome.

“This of video of Merton doing piano improvisation with random strangers on Chatroulette wins for most hilarious Chatroulette video created so far.” – Laughing Squid

For more info:

via Laughing Squid

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9 Responses to “Chatroulette Piano Player”

  1. spinner says:

    That has to be Ben Folds………..

  2. Merlijn Nimmegeers says:

    The man is a genius. :D

  3. Paco Polar says:

    hahahaha! incredible man! hahaha this wolrd it’s better whith people like this! YEAH!

  4. anonymous says:

    It’s funny how Omegle was a spin-off of and ChatRoulette a spin-off of Omegle!

  5. Chatroulette has taken me by suprise. An idea from the 90′s has taken off again. It blows my mind.

  6. girl says:

    yes this is a good alternative to chatroulette under w.w.w.coldtube.c.o.m

  7. chatroulette says:

    chatroulette has the most visitors, but this one has better looking:

  8. Just noticed a new chat site called Chat Spasm.

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