Ice Cream Truck

I was pleasantly surprised to hear an ice cream truck on my block yesterday. I snapped a photo and recorded the melody the truck was playing. It has to be one of the happiest sounds ever created.

Ice Cream Truck by thingstocome

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7 Responses to “Ice Cream Truck”

  1. Brian says:

    That would sound nice with an 808 behind it. Four on the floor….

  2. I know! Everytime I hear the ice cream truck go by, there is something about that tune that just draws me in. I also recorded it one day. You can find my recording here –

  3. Chris Shaw says:

    I live three doors down from a playground in Bed-Stuy. When you have to listen to this 5 -10 a day at 15 minutes a pop along with 3 other melodies from competing trucks while trying to mix, then car bombs don’t seem at all like a bad thing.

  4. Peter says:

    Amazed there isn’t a chiptune version of the Ice Cream Truck song. Seems like a perfect fit!

  5. Raytrace says:

    that is genuinely joyous – the ice-cream truck near me used to constantly blare out ‘The Teddybear’s Picnic’ – it always had a melancholic feel to me though because I usually heard it at sunset…

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