Metasonix D-1000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine

Big City Music has released a good look at the Metasonix D-1000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine. It’s unique and definetly sounds ancient in terms on electronic sound. Those who can appreciate the amazing soundtrack to Forbidden Planet (iTunes link) or some Aphex Twin will appreciate this box.

“The first drum machine made with vacuum tubes since the Wurlitzer Sideman of 1959. Unlike the Sideman, it’s a “modern” primitive device–with plenty of inputs, outputs, and flexibility. Even though it has only four drum sounds — two tunable drums, a tunable “snare” drum (harder sounding than the others), and a cymbal — control voltage inputs give great flexibility.” –

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  1. @ bodhi – Your comment has no meaning to anyone of normal intelligence. Tubes in Metasonix gear do not get nearly hot enough to burn anyone. And how exactly would you manage to get cut? I’ve never heard of anyone cutting himself on vacuum tubes. Do you drink beverages from anything made of glass? How do you manage to do this without cutting yourself? Do you use scissors? How do you do that without poking your eyes out? Life must be difficult for the feeble minded.

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