Car Stereo in House

I often thought to myself, “This car stereo sounds better than anything I hear in my home.”. So here’s an idea… why not put a car stereo in your home? I know the car’s acoustics is probably a large factor in its sound but could this be another way to check your mixes? In the late 80s I had an incredible Alpine system in my car. It was one of those units that the green buttons turned beige when you pressed them. Of course I had to take the faceplate with me everywhere I went and I had a “NO RADIO” sign on my window. Ah the old crime ridden yet a lot more fun NYC. Now if I can hack my bed to mechanically bounce…

“pioneer head unit with 2 clarion tweeters beatin” – subwoorferman

What do you think… good idea or just plain stupid?

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3 thoughts on “Car Stereo in House”

  1. Hi Oliver, I think the special acoustics inside a car are a major part of the good sound. You basically have no straight walls and neither do you have parallel walls and reflective materials except the glass in the upper area, but but maybe that’s what makes it alive enough, since good roomsound is a mixture of absorption AND reflection. Maybe you should get the actual body or at least the passenger cabin (with windows) and then install a good sound system :-)

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