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There are similar products to Xfer’s Nerve yet I am still interested. Mac/PC VST/AU. $199. What do you think? Is there something unique to Nerve that should be mentioned?

“Nerve is a software drum machine which brings powerful beat creation and manipulation to your Host Sequencer. Nerve runs as a VSTi or AudioUnit plugin. Nerve was designed and coded by veteran dance music producers, with a diverse sample library included from many of todays top sound designers. Create your own beats entirely from scratch using sounds you already have (AIF/WAV/REX/RX2/AKAI .SND), or utilize the factory-included Drum Kits, Presets, Patterns, and Sounds.” – xferrecords.com

For more info: xferrecords.com

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

6 thoughts on “Xfer Nerve”

  1. At first I was like whats the point of this but then as I watched it… I could see why you’d like this ;) Its all about making those twisted custom sounds.

  2. I like the synthesis functions. I would be more stoked on putting bleeps and blips in there than traditional drum kits to see what kind of weirdness I could bend. I wonder how much CPU load it would take if a person ran multiple instances of the VST on more than one clip.

  3. I just got to let this one sort the early bugs out,way to soon for me,its only when its used at a large scale that they will find all the bugs,but they do offer the free updates.But just like fxpansion Guru,it took them a while to get it to work right and now its a monster drum au/vst which im keeping and use in every time.

    Congrats to the guys at xfer,great producers to…

  4. There are pros and cons to this.

    First It has all of the features of Reason’s ReDrum with a Reaktor style seq, so the tune of the one shots can be seq’d also from the reaktor style seq, awesome.
    Second this is one of the few drum vst’s also where you can just click to the next file in the folder, unlike Audiorealism’s ADM where you have to menu dive…deeeep, or in drumrack where you have to press up or down plus enter…this is one of the features of Redrum brought over to the vst realm.
    Cons, no master transpose unless i missed something in the demo, please correct me as a master transpose will make this thing a secret artillery weapon, no sample reverse either…and the price..Half the price of reason for a 10th of the features.

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