How to set up a SoundCloud remix contest

Why pay some smug superstar DJ 5k to remix your track when you can crowd source something better for free? SoundCloud posted a super detailed explaination on how to do it using their pretty service. Sometimes I post things on Wire to the Ear solely so I can remember, find and use the info later… this is one of those posts.

“Your remix group will be where people submit their finished remixes. It’s quick, free and easy to create a group: add a logo, background info and let people know if you want the submissions to be downloadable or not.” –

To check out the full instructions click here: 5+1 Easy Steps To Set Up Your Remix Competition With SoundCloud

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  1. So where is the official Horrorist Remix Contest ? ;)

    Cheers Oliver

    I mean it :P


  2. Hello remix fanatics.

    DillingerForce – Bran Nu – remix contest is on. Dancehall meets rave, meets you. Get on board and set the world on fire. Free to enter and win the hottest spot in Dancehall.

    See you there..


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