Front 242 at the RedBull Music Academy

I once also owned every single Front 242 record. I wish they still made song structured songs with Jean Luc DeMeyer on lead vocals. Even still, I am glad for the amazing albums they gave us such as Official Version and Front by Front. I saw them perform at the Palidium in the late 80s. It was awesome.

“Belgian industrial group Front 242 were at the crest of the Electronic Body Music wave, carrying the baton from groups like Throbbing Gristle and Caberet Voltaire, combining their post-punk aesthetic with strong backbeats, slices, samples, and ominous vocals. Their raw sound is married with strong militaristic imagery, chopped-up scenes from television, and even evangelical leanings.” –

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  1. that’s totally tits. Wolfgang Voight was amazing too on there. Few people know who he is. Which I am glad. More for me.

    I got kicked so hard in the head at a 242 show back in the early 90’s. I saw stars. ouch


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