Alan Wilder joins Depeche Mode on Stage!

Depeche Mode has long been one of my most loved bands. If you didn’t already know I won a contest and went on tour with DM which ended up as the movie Depeche Mode 101. You can see me in it as a young mohawked 17 year old. I personally feel there best work was when Alan Wilder was in the band so it was so very nice to see he took the stage this yesterday with his old mates.

Former Depeche Mode keyboardist Alan Wilder appeared on stage with the British synth pop band for the first time in 16 years…. Wilder appeared with the band during the encore to help perform “Somebody,” which appears on 1984’s Some Great Reward. “Dave contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I’d be willing to join them on-stage,” Wilder wrote on his website on Thursday (Feb. 18). “He assured me that everyone in the band was into the idea. I was very happy to accept, especially as it was all in a good cause and we were long overdue some kind of reunion of this sort. “It was great to see everyone again and catch up a bit, and it was also the first time I have actually ‘seen’ Depeche Mode perform!” –

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3 thoughts on “Alan Wilder joins Depeche Mode on Stage!”

  1. I think we all kinda of respect Alan Wilder pretty much.
    The thing is with Alan and Recoil, as brilliant as he is,
    why does 98% of Recoil just SUCK! Was it the chemistry with
    Martin Gore and Flood and Daniel Miller than made him so good?

    My favorite release was Hydrology 1 & 2. So wicked. Pure Music
    For the Masses Samples from the EII and EIII (whatever the transition they made in those couple years, etc).

    Wow you were that movie. Did you bone Mia??? :)

    Cool video Oliver!

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