Analogue Solutions Europa Sequencer

Looking for a Roland TR style sequencer you can use with anything? Viola the new Europa Sequencer has got what you need. If it had a random mode I would have bought one on the spot. I can see a lot of Vermona DRM1 owners grabbing these. Price: UK £499

“This is the pre-prod unjit (99% finished), used here with Blofeld adn DR670 drums. Showing drum editing, octave shift, mute, transpose. This sequencer is really easy to use and tunes can be created so quickly.” – ASUKLTD

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10 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Europa Sequencer”

  1. Sounds super stiff. Just like the Octopus and Schaltwerk. I love these boutique manufacturers making these super sexy sequencers, but they have zero groove. If it doesn’t swing, shuffle, or push and pull a bit, I have to keep walking on by. That’s my two pesos’ worth of thought. I spent a lot of money on those machines above, so I am not talking out of my ass.

    Kinda reminds me of the MAM sequencer that few people know about.

      1. I bought this machine about a month ago and think you all should get one!
        running my vermona drm1 mk111 and acidlab bombass, with a future retro 777 fringin’ brilliant

          1. no random mode but this thing is so simple you will be playing with it for hours. the shuffle is great you can be as tight or as far out as can be possible without losing the beat. As soon as I get a camera I’ll post a video

  2. I’m interested in using it to step sequence drum rack in ableton live and need to know if it will input midi notes and remove midi notes on the piano roll from the hardware in a step sequencer style, effectively turning live into a hardware controlled step sequencer? I realize that it will obviously be possible to just trigger drum rack sounds in live (and record this midi information) but it it possible to make it so that the europa effective draws and erases notes internally in live as well – so the software follows the steps that you add and subtract on the hardware? I hope I have explained it properly! I’m pretty sure that it probably won’t but it was worth asking anyway and i’m sure some clever max 4 live guy could integrate this.

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