Sweetwater’s Evil Temptation Device

This is not an advertisement for music retailer Sweetwater it’s just something I discovered on their website I thought I would share. I don’t know how long they have been offering to sell you products in this exact way but it sure makes noise toys LOOK affordable. Simply put, for a lot of items they will split the cost of the product into three payments. There is a $10 “processing” fee for doing things this way. Here’s and example: A Waldorf Blofeld is $699. You pay $243.33 today, $233.33 in 30 days and $233.33 in 60 days. Add to the fact there is free shipping and it’s definitely an evil temptation device. I’m good with not buying things until I have the entire amount in cash and never built up any kind of debt. I hope I didn’t just cause someone without good funds to buy something they can’t really afford. Musicians have a unique way of justifying gear purchases. It’s easy to spend money on your art and passion.

“Sweetwater’s Flexible Payment Plan is a convenient, interest-free way to buy gear now and stretch your purchase across three budget-friendly payments. Simply choose the “3 Easy Payments” option in your cart, and we’ll divide your purchase amount into three budget-friendly payments, billed to your current MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card. There is a $10 processing fee for using this service. It’s just another way we make shopping at Sweetwater easy and convenient!” – sweetwater.com

Do they still include candy with every shippment?

For more info: sweetwater.com

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9 thoughts on “Sweetwater’s Evil Temptation Device”

  1. I also agree that it is not practical to go to depth concerning music instruments. However there are some exceptions; let’s say you have gigs lined up but you need a bass rig. So getting one with the initial down payment and paying off over time (when the gig money arrives) would be a good option.

  2. I’ll go you one better: American Musical Supply (www.americanmusical.com) will also do 3 split payments OR 5 split payments if the amount is over $1000….

    Talk about Evil Temptation….

    (Sweetwater has a larger selection of plug-ins and such though I think.)

  3. They are creepy as all hell. I ordered a $4 cable from them, and for that I was continually harassed with phone calls and yes, given candy. I finally had to forcefully tell their rep to leave me alone, and would never consider giving them another dime.

  4. What about Guitar Center’s layaway plan. Although you don’t get to take the item home, you can pull an item off the floor and pay it in increments of your own choosing. Put at least 100 bucks on it and pay it off in slow increments. As long as you’re somewhat consistent on stopping by and giving them money they keep the item for you until it’s fully paid off. They started doing this in case you wanted some piece of limited edition gear that came in a particular color or with specific options but was out of your budget on that particular day. Sales person got credit for the sale even if they didn’t receive the money in full amount. The goal was just to move items off the showroom and make more room for new inventory.

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