Analog Drum Zaps on a Minimoog Voyager

A very pretty ash wood and jade green backlit Minimoog Voyager playing some drum sounds. $3,000 for one short real analog and fast envelope drum zap? You bet! Ok yeah we can multitrack these days.

“If you want THE Moog sound, this is it. Period. This has Bob Moog’s legendary synthesizer design expertise in its circuits. Say no more. It sounds amazing, looks amazing, and feels amazing. There is no substitute.” –

For more info:

via Matrixsynth


  1. you can get pretty harsh drums from a microkorg too :)


  2. Why moogs are so popular nowadays?
    Like few years ago people told me that they sound old way.
    But many producers use ’em now. Like guys who make elecro and so on.
    Is it kinda fashion sound now?


  3. i guess it’s because a moog voyager has a really nice sound !!

    have you tried one ? it’s incredibly versatile, and all midi controllable.


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