The Bridge is Serato meets Ableton Live

Take Ableton’s Session View and mirror it inside Serato’s digital turntable interface and you have what the two companies call “The Bridge”. Every month or so I power up Traktor and make a mix for the car/gym. Considering my Ableton Live addiction I think I’m going to have to give this a shot.

“Huston from Ableton and Nick from Serato go through The Bridge – a new technology allowing communication between Ableton Live 8 and Serato Scratch Live” – SeratoHQ

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  1. It’s seriously way too complicated for most DJ’s, or getting near it.
    These days I am more impressed with someone who can bring their real actual physical records to a show, and 1200’s, and just show off their DJ skills that way. That’s a real DJ. Not this pseudo-producer-DJ cat with a Macbook. It’s so played out already.

    I will pay a hefty cover for that. Software is making everything sound so thin and emotionless. That video was painful to watch.


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