Happy Birthday Mr. Chesler you’re 40 now.

Happy Birthday Oliver! from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

Today is my 40th birthday. Before I went to sleep last night at midnight my wife presented me with a cake and candles. The cake presentation is a tradition and I do the same for her every year. Yes it’s a Dunkin Hines cake (upon request) and yes my cat Zoe likes to eat cake too! I woke up to an onslaught of Facebook Happy Birthday messages. There were so many I have to say I’m touched.

Turning 40 really does mean something special. During the past year at my day job in the energy biz I noticed a lot of older people looking to me for answers. I’ve reached the stage where I have gained some wisdom and yet am still full of fight. I can see why to become President of the United States you have to be at least 35 years old. I’ve also noticed lately that I look at people in their 20s and really think they are kids. I’ve read a lot of studies stating that you get happier as you get older and that has definitely been my own experience. When I was seventeen I wanted to wipe humanity off the face of the earth. Today I love spending time with my family and close friends. I can’t help to think that my parents may not be here a decade from now to see my 50th birthday.

So far life has been an awesome ride. I never thought I would touch such dark lows and feel such wonderful things. Here’s two songs I am working on that I recorded this past week leading up to my birthday. Strangely they are sad tunes locked in the past but they surely don’t reflect my current state of mind. Keep in mind they are still “in progress”. Enjoy….

Two Songs on My Birthday by thingstocome

I’m not sure if I will get any musical gifts this year but either way I think I will grab something for myself ;) Thanks in advance for well wishes, etc…! If you have any recommendations for people in their 40s let me know.

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23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. Chesler you’re 40 now.”

  1. Hey Oliver, happy birthday and just the best for you!!! What a nice suprise by juli and also Zoe (was it the cat’s name???) was there, what you could whish more ;-)? So celebrate your own and have a fine day…kind regards -martin

  2. I’ve a recommendation for your 40: don’t think about age,is just a number.
    A person can be wise at 20,another can be unwise at 50.

    The most important thing is you understand than in life people never reach the complete winsdom.We’re human,means unperfect.
    But because of it,we (or at least many of us) try always to improve and get better.
    You are one of those and because of it,you always had and you will always have my total respect.

    Again happy birthday,big brother.

  3. Hey, Mr Chesler. thx for this page and the mass of very good information. i am sorry that i missed your gig at Austria :) but i hope to see you one time.

    Happy Birthday from Austria.


  4. S t a n d b y t h e i n n o v a t o r s


  5. HAPPY 41st OLIVER!!!

    I only just now played Joyless pleasure, enjoyed it a lot :)

    Here’s to another year of great blogging, sharing your thoughts and music making.

    Enjoy it,


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