Tenori-on with Analog Gear


Novamusik hooks some Tenori’s up to a Vermona DRM-MKIII and a Doepfer A100 Mini System. I don’t love the song they create but this is the way to use Tenori-On’s! Click to 1:06 in the video to see the great action. Thanks Chuck!

“The guys of Nova Musik playing with some new toys that just came in… First thing we thought of? Can we hook these things up to the modular? The answer is yes, and much much more.” – novamusik.com

Do you want a set up like this too?

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2 Responses to “Tenori-on with Analog Gear”

  1. Chud says:

    Good effort. Sad results. Why is that 90% of demo gear videos that no one can program anything halfway musical or interesting. Fail.

  2. Mark Mosher says:

    I agree that sequencing outbourd gear is the way to go. I’ve been using my Tenori-on white with Ableton Live and have created channels for each Tenori-on layer. I then load the layers with Ableton and third party virtual instruments. Sequencing u-he ACE from a Tenori-Ofor example is fantastic.

    I’ve also been using Slice to MIDI to create audio clips to load back into the Tenori-On. Ableton’s Velocity MIDI device can be used to automate velocity of incoming MIDI from Tenori-on – see this vid – http://www.modulatethis.com/2009/12/ableton-live-add-velocity-midi-notes-tenori-on.html.


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