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So I’ve been playing with Voice Band (iTunes link) for about 30 minutes and I can definitely say it’s fun. Like many iPhone Apps I will surely use this from time to time for a weird intro or background part in a song. All it takes is a simple import of the audio into Ableton Live. This does a similar trick as the now unfortunately discontinued Antares Kantos plug-in. Anyone remember Kantos? Read the Sound on Sound review of Kantos: click here

“A new iPhone app that turns your voice into an instrument in real time. You sing into the iPhone, and it turns it into a guitar or a bass, synth, etc.” – WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

For more info: wavemachinelabs.com

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Oliver Chesler

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  1. Ooooh, a product like this may finally lead me to take the leap into smartphones. I tend to create many melodies through vocal improvisation, often while taking long walks or hikes, and have had to settle for recording audio (actually video) to my phone. This would be 8 steps above that kind of process.

    Is there anything similar that uses pitch tracking similarly but records the notes to MIDI? I guess being a piano player I’m fairly proficient transferring the melodies I create while working on a tune over to my keyboard, but it would be amazing to be able to skip that translation entirely and create MIDI via singing.

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