Argon Synthesizer for iPhone

With the Apple Tablet all but imminent Apps like the Argon Synthesizer just make me drool with anticipation. The Argon is $2 and has some nice reviews going for it in the App store. iTunes link: click here

“ARGON consists of three Oscillator, one filter, one amplifier, one saturator and one Delay. High-quality 32bit floating point Synth-engine. Delay Effect. 16 Step Sequencer. 512 user preset. 64 factory preset.” –

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5 thoughts on “Argon Synthesizer for iPhone”

  1. Looks absolutely lovely, but it doesn’t work on the 1st generation iPod Touch. I emailed the developers, and they very politely responded to say they tried really hard to make it work on the 1st gen Touch but had a latency problem. Maybe I need to upgrade then…

    1. I’m using on a 3Gs and it’s fine. I think the original iPhone feels underpowered and the 3gs is about right but I could use even more speed. My 2 year old Macbook Pro however seems fast enough for anything… it seems laptop/desktops speed wise are “there”.

  2. I have a 2nd generation iPod Touch with the latest OS 3.1.3 on it and I purchased the Argon Synth because really I wanted it. After downloading, I tried to install it on my iPod Touch, but it wouldn’t. I kept getting the error message that it would not install Argon synth because my “iPod Touch was not compatible” even though it is. I contacted support, and they couldn’t work out why it will not install either, so they are not very good app developers if they can’t fathom out why one of their own apps will not work with a device that IS designed to work on it? Apple still have not refunded my money as well after I complained about the app being less than totally useless for me. Legal representation to Apple and ice Gear will ensue after this if I don’t get my money back. If there is anyone out there that might be able to find out why this app won’t work on my iPod Touch, I will be most grateful or, find a way of making it work on my iPod would be even better.
    Many thanks, CiderBaby.

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