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Every now and then I come across a vintage synthpop gem that I never heard before. I found today’s song via the Matrixsynth blog and it’s called Computer Games by a band called Mi-Sex. Apparently the song was a huge hit in Australia. I checked out other Mi-Sex songs on Amazon and discovered they are really a rock pop band and this was one of the few tracks they released that were synth heavy. Amazon link: Computer Games/Space Race

“Mi-Sex (also spelt ‘’MiSex’’) was a New Zealand / Australian new wave rock band active from 1978 to 1984. Led by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, they were best known for their singles “Computer Games” in 1979 and “People” in 1980. Their first single for CBS, “But You Don’t Care” / “Burning Up”, was released in Australia in June 1979 and their debut album, Graffiti Crimes was issued in July 1979 to coincide with their national tour as the support act for Talking Heads. The LP included their biggest hit, the synthesizer-driven “Computer Games”, a Burns/Stanton composition released in Australia on October 1, 1979. The single went to #1 in Australia, made the Top 5 in New Zealand, and also charted in 20 countries including Canada and South Africa.” – wikipedia.org/wiki/MiSex

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Mi-Sex-Computer-Games/release/1962269

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8 thoughts on “Mi-Sex Computer Games”

  1. Dude! I remember reading a review of Computer Games in Heavy Metal back in the early 80’s, then came across the cassette at a flea market a few years later. I love these guys – thanks for the flashback!

  2. Thanks! I always wondered who sang this song… remember hearing it in the early 80’s on the local new wave station and digging it. btw, Happy New Year Oliver ;-).

  3. really nice vector graphics there :)

    cool Prophet 5 footage too – on a COMPLETELY unrelated synth sighting – I noticed today when watching the video for ‘King – Love and Pride’ that the brass sounds were a PPG Wave :)

      1. yes there is actually something I noticed about the Tie-Fighter in it, from what I remember Star Wars Arcade machine was ‘fully’ vector (as in it used a vector screen (like an oscilloscope)), but the body of the Tie-Fighter in this video is definitely raster/pixel based – hmm maybe im just romanticising the Star Wars Arcade too much through my retrose tinted glasses, but I could have sworn it was an actual vector monitor, not just raster rendering wireframe/vector polygons…

        im pretty sure it must have been because in MAME it plays as a vector game – you can apply the extra glow where the corners meet etc…

        maybe its some home version in that video :)

        (which (doh) I suppose would make sense seems as how theyre looking at computers with keyboards in the video and not arcade machines :p…)

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