Mr. Alias Pro

Mr. Alias Pro is a broken screwed up synthesizer. Mr. Alias was designed that way and it’s a perfect soft synth for anyone into ciruit bending, noise or headaches. I actually think this synth is very useful when it comes to creating easy interesting intros or breaks. It has an Auto Randomizer so I am happy. Mac/PC, AU/VST plug-in or Standalone. It’s Donationware so any amount gets you the pro version.

Audio samples:

“Mr. Alias Pro is a fully professional software synthesizer which exploits the properties of digital audio to achieve extremely bad sounds.” –

For more info:

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3 Responses to “Mr. Alias Pro”

  1. JKirchartz says:

    On of the demo limitations is “On Tuesdays, parameters change themselves at random while the GUI is showing”.. how freakin’ cool is that!

  2. JD says:

    Yeah this thing is cool indeed.
    but It keeps crashing my DAW unfortunately .

  3. antfactor says:

    thanks again!! u rock! ;) happy holodaze.

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