Mr. Alias Pro

Mr. Alias Pro is a broken screwed up synthesizer. Mr. Alias was designed that way and it’s a perfect soft synth for anyone into ciruit bending, noise or headaches. I actually think this synth is very useful when it comes to creating easy interesting intros or breaks. It has an Auto Randomizer so I am happy. Mac/PC, AU/VST plug-in or Standalone. It’s Donationware so any amount gets you the pro version.

Audio samples:

“Mr. Alias Pro is a fully professional software synthesizer which exploits the properties of digital audio to achieve extremely bad sounds.” –

For more info:


  1. On of the demo limitations is “On Tuesdays, parameters change themselves at random while the GUI is showing”.. how freakin’ cool is that!


  2. Yeah this thing is cool indeed.
    but It keeps crashing my DAW unfortunately .


  3. thanks again!! u rock! ;) happy holodaze.


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