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Musician for Hire

I took this photo near Madison Square Park yesterday while waiting for the bus home. I wonder if these advertisements actually work. I guess I should have pulled the paper up a bit to expose the contact info. In NYC there are often a groups of Hip Hop artists on corners that try and put their CDs in your hands. If you take one they follow you and ask for a few bucks for it. I think a better way to make money on the street is to actually play music and have a few things for sale on the spot. I remember seeing a story about a guy in LA who had some techno gear selling a few CDs an hour at $20 each. If your looking for some free hipster subway music in Brooklyn hang out in the Bedford Ave L train stop on Friday night. I do try and throw a buck into a guitar case every now and then.


  1. The MISSING ELEMENT for me here is, when music services are being offered, words don’t cut it. I wouldn’t be sufficiently curious with a lack of sound, so I wonder, generally, who is?

    I can’t wait until we have some saturated future with smartpaper and can tap on a sheet to hear someone’s output.

    Also, where’s the contact info?


    1. Yeah a “push for audio” electronic sticker thing could work. 5 seconds of talk intro then a few beats. Hmmmm…


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