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Humans are born with a musical instrument attached to their face. All they have to do is mush their lips together and blow to make pretty sounds. Germany’s Best Service has released Whistler. A Native Instruments Kontakt library full of real human and bird whistles. I think this is pretty interesting. Why not add a background layer of whistle at the end of a song now and then? Sitting on the Dock of a Bay (iTunes link) by Otis Redding comes to mind.

“With the help of talented whistler Eduardo Tarilonte and a few birds, Best Service has released Whistler (19.99 EUR or approximately $30), a comprehensive library of every type of whistle tone you can imagine. No synths were used to create this library” –

Whistler is about 20 Euros. For more info:

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  1. Torley says:

    Also possibly useful for those who are unable to whistle, such as myself. I’m also snap-deficient!

    And what was that song used in Kill Bill, “Twisted Nerve”? As well as Ennio Morricone works — I wonder if they can lively-ly be recreated with this whistler.

    I always enjoy hearing about unique sample libraries, so thanks for sharing this and many more discoveries, Oliver!

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