Two ways to stream free Christmas Music


Most people don’t have homes with a stereo with a FM Tuner in it anymore. Most people aren’t disturbed enough to have 50+ Christmas music CDs lying around. Here’s two ways to listen to FREE streaming Xmas tunes this year. Remember to hit play while putting your tree up, cooking and opening gifts.

Grooveshark/search/songs/?query=christmas: click here click here

Every year my mind decides some cheesy Christmas song is the best song ever. Unfortunately for me this year it’s “We Need A Little Christmas” by Johnny Mathis (iTunes link).

Any X-mas song stuck in your head this year?

via Tech Blog


  1. I preempt involuntary Christmas cheese infection by dosing up with Lows ‘Christmas’ ep every year. Mimi Parker singing ‘Blue Christmas’ is about as angelic as you can get this time of year.


  2. isn’t free anymore! :(


    1. Really? I am able stream free. What country are you in?


  3. Oh, right, it’s only for us non-yanks. I’m in Sweden, and I only get 30 tracks before I have to start paying a (low, but still) monthly fee.

    Earlier christmases it’s been my primary source for old time carols etc.


  4. yeh isn’t free in Europe anymore – curiously it became pay about 2 or 3 weeks before Microsoft announced that was going to be free on the XboX 360 for Gold Members o_O

    I am a gold member, however on the 360 is not on 360s in Ireland, only Twitter and Facebook :(


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