A great demo of the Waldorf Blofeld


“Demo of 2007 Waldorf Blofeld. All sounds & arpeggio lines programmed by WC Olo Garb. Video editing by WC Olo Garb. Stuff going on: M – Notes triggered by external midi device. S – At least one oscillator uses a factory sample, so this sound cannot be achieved on the desktop version without the license. The patches do not comprise any external/custom samples.” – Jexus

I love Jexus’s synth demo videos. I’m all in when it comes to Eastern European style. I’d even like to live in one of those warn out commie blocks. Weird I know but what can I say? Back to the Blofeld… I didn’t know it could sound that cool did you?

For more info on Jexus: syntezatory.prv.pl
Grab a Blofeld keyboard for $1200. For more info: waldorfmusic.de

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8 thoughts on “A great demo of the Waldorf Blofeld”

  1. i love these vids from jexus, damn…he can make any synths sound so f***** good, that i want one.
    he got me obsessed by wanting a Polivoks.

  2. their “buying transporting and playing [insert synth name here]” videos are classic. that’s what wayne’s world would be like if it was about defecting in the cold war. and defecting was an allegory for buying synths.

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