A great demo of the Waldorf Blofeld


“Demo of 2007 Waldorf Blofeld. All sounds & arpeggio lines programmed by WC Olo Garb. Video editing by WC Olo Garb. Stuff going on: M – Notes triggered by external midi device. S – At least one oscillator uses a factory sample, so this sound cannot be achieved on the desktop version without the license. The patches do not comprise any external/custom samples.” – Jexus

I love Jexus’s synth demo videos. I’m all in when it comes to Eastern European style. I’d even like to live in one of those warn out commie blocks. Weird I know but what can I say? Back to the Blofeld… I didn’t know it could sound that cool did you?

For more info on Jexus: syntezatory.prv.pl
Grab a Blofeld keyboard for $1200. For more info: waldorfmusic.de

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8 Responses to “A great demo of the Waldorf Blofeld”

  1. exo says:

    id love to get my hands on some of his patches :)

  2. 0601 says:

    i love these vids from jexus, damn…he can make any synths sound so f***** good, that i want one.
    he got me obsessed by wanting a Polivoks.

  3. 4lefts says:

    their “buying transporting and playing [insert synth name here]” videos are classic. that’s what wayne’s world would be like if it was about defecting in the cold war. and defecting was an allegory for buying synths.

  4. Max Vio says:

    You should make music with this guy.
    I think it could be a masterpiece.

  5. charlie says:

    im a big fan of this guy! my favorite demo of his is the russian polyvoks

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