Solar CV Moog Little Phatty


Oh pretty thing there you are. Sweetwater has an exclusive on a special edition Moog Little Phatty Stage II. Besides it’s pretty rear it has a Control Voltage output modification pre-installed at the Moog factory. Analog sequencer bassline fun is on the menu. This thing has CV, Midi and USB! I’m glad the economy is in the tanker because these are $1500. Do you want one too?

“You can also connect it directly to a computer running the Little Phatty Editor/Librarian. MIDI Clock Sync allows you to synchronize the LFO and arpeggiator rate to your MIDI sequencer, drum machine or software. Sample and hold, triangle, square, sawtooth and ramp wave modulations can now be perfectly timed with your rhythm track. With the pre-installed CV Output module, you also get CV output for the gate (0V – +5V), pitch (1V per octave), volume envelope (0V – 5V), filter envelope (0V – 5V), and off of the mod bus at a variable voltage.” –

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5 thoughts on “Solar CV Moog Little Phatty”

  1. I just invested (!) in a small modular set up — it was a choice between the Little Phatty and the modular. I’m glad I went all modular, as adding and playing will be a black hold of limitless spending, but seeing this sure makes me go “hmmm.”

  2. it just doesn’t sound all that great, i’m sorry to say. i have a micro moog and an arp axxe and they sound 100x better than the phatty, IMO. i so wanted to like it cuz i love and want to support moog but the sound was just too bland for my tastes..

  3. Document 02,

    You can use pot mapping to get around that. Also the Mod Wheel can control the filter envelope, thus changing filter frequency, leaving the filter knob free to control resonance.


    If you can, spend some more time exploring the modulation capabilities, built in distortion on the filter, incredible hard sync, and add some effects. on a great sound system (SUBS!). You might change your mind :) I had the same reaction at first playing it in the music store on headphones completely dry. After spending much time with it in the studio and on stage. It is becoming one of my favorite synths. Don’t worry about only having 4 knobs. You can get around quick on it.

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