Space Invader

Space Invader

I never promised every post I made here would be about music and to prove it today is Space Invader faces day. Better than just plain Monday right? Designer Logan Walters put these together and I have nothing much to say other than “LIKE!”. I think French Fries is the most interesting for some reason.


Which one is your favorite?

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7 Responses to “Space Invader”

  1. meowsqueak says:

    Definitely the Borg :)

  2. tazzaler says:

    Two Face, reminds me of silicon and the mass heeps of it required for gameboard in arcade systems.

  3. 0601 says:

    standard black&white is the best for me.
    this reminded me of the tiles you will find in Amsterdam,
    they just appear overnight, very cool…
    someone has put some on flickr

  4. Video Music says:

    French street artist Space Invader has been doing really cool “city invasions” over the last decade.

    • 060171 says:

      cool , didn’t know that yet.
      i should invite him to Almere, a totally new city started in the 80s,
      so you can imagine it needs some streetart like invaders.
      we do have the ‘beach’ though were horrorist played this summer : )

  5. Torley says:

    I’d color mine pink and green, surely. Don’t forget, space invaders have lives! You’ll never look at them two-dimensionally again:–dHQIeagE

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