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Ben Houston and Arius Blaze create very interesting musical instruments under the name Foltek. The garden reminds me of my recently acquired Ekdalh Moisterizer. If your looking for a studio toy that no one else has, something that can’t be downloaded or bought at Guitar Center Foltek should be considered. To see some of the Foltek works currently for sale: click here

“The sound very much reflects the asthetic – an electric garden with waves growing from the sound field they’re created from. The sound board and spouts of wire extending from it are picked up with high sensitivity and run through a series of effects intended to reflect the visual aspect of the whole. Every sprig of string has a unique sound and the Garden can be played as a percussion piece or soundscape generator. There is as much musical potential as there is a potential for strange sounds.” –

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6 thoughts on “Foltek Garden”

    1. Thanks for posting my videos here, this piece of art is so much fun, it is worth every dollar.

      Also nice to hear you ordered one Theau, I figured you were quite enthousiastic about it :)


  1. as a good friend to folktek, thanks for this, its amazing to see my pals on a blog i love so much; tho just to note that yr spelling of folktek varies from their more traditional version.

  2. I truly love and respect the artistry that is folktek. i have a microgarden and can tell you that it is much more than a studio ‘toy’. it is capable of producing an amazing array of sounds and patterns with such a high degree of sensitivity. there are sounds this instrument makes that are very distinctive and unique to the instrument, and there are others that will surprise you. whenever i’m stuck and want to channel something new, i often turn to this instrument as a starting point.

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