Procrastination is spending 5 hours finding a kick drum sound

My boss at Energy Management Solutions never procrastinates. Anytime I think of an idea he hands me the phone and tells me to do it. I’ve never met anyone quite like that. I like to get things done but I’d say I do my share of fiddling and pondering. Sometimes when you sit down to make a song it’s way too easy to procrastinate. You have a playground of sounds and tools you can play with. Heck it all starts with a loop. A loop! Better stop listening to loops and get to the arrangement.

“Procrastination is making a cup of tea.” – John Kelly

via Laughing Squid


  1. Procrastination is watching a video about procrastination. Excellent!


  2. I’ll watch this later =)


  3. nice video – from Ireland by the sounds of things too :D – I wouldnt call ‘doing the dishes’ procrastinating though, Id call that some major pro-active shit :p – I let em pile up to tower most of the time


  4. and I do have to admit I would FREQUENTLY spend an house listening to a 4/4 loop of a kick on its own, just fiddling and tweaking with it :(


  5. thats obviously ‘spend an hour’ in the post above


  6. Great just came on here for a quick look whilst trying to distract myself from writing an essay. Great, this makes me feel much better


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