Exxon designed Autotune


Exxon designed Autotune? Apparently so! The bit about Cher lying that she used a TalkBox to hide that fact that she used Autotune is baloney! I own a Digitech Talker and you can get it to sound exactly like what Cher did. Here’s a photo of my Talker: click here. Hey, for once Weird Al seems an appropriate cameo. If you want some meme for $2.99 grab the “I Am T-Pain” AutoTune iPhone: click here

Most of the time I like to leave my vocal mistakes as is. Anyone who follows my music knows that! When I do need some pitch correcting I grab Melodyne. By the way that Direct Note Access thing was released this week.

For more info: antarestech.com


  1. haha Weird Al is indeed perfect for it


  2. the producer of “believe” did in fact lie about using autotune, the producers eventually admitted it: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb99/articles/tracks661.htm

    also, i pray that the producers of that video will one day become funny.


  3. That was the gayest shit ever.


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