TR-808 Classics recreated on an Electribe SX

I’ve said many times the Roland TR-808 is the king of all drum machines. It has the sharpest deepest kick with the most attack, snares and hats that sound like lighting and a sequencer that makes any beat sound incredible. I love this machine so much I think I subconsciously liked songs because they had an 808 on them (all before I even knew what a Roland TR-808 was!). I love this video above where a bunch of classics with 808 drums were recreated on an Korg Electribe SX. I own everyone one of these songs on 12″.

Here’s a few ways into 808 land: AcidLab Miami (German recreation) $1399, GoldBaby The Tape808 (samples) $24, D16 Nepheton (virtual plug-in recreation) 139 EUR

“Recreations, again by ear, of some classic early 80s beats that were originally made on a Roland TR-808 drummachine. This became the signature sound for freestyle music and later for house. Mantronix – 808 Beats, Shannon – Let the Music Play, Freeez – IOU, Man Parrish – Hip Hop Bebop, GLOBE & Whiz Kid -. Play that Beat Mr. DJ, Nineteen – Paul Hardcastle (iTunes link), C.O.D. – In the Bottle, Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing” – Harlem Nights Music

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3 thoughts on “TR-808 Classics recreated on an Electribe SX”

  1. sounds good :)
    off course i would like an original 808 but since i can’t afford it….
    but i bought Ableton Live suite 8 and i really the drum machines collection. i think the kits sounds great. i really like the 606

  2. hey man sick sick vid curious what is the source for the sounds are they stock with the korg machine? yours? or Abelton Packs?
    Were Can I Get Them Or purchase Them Every sound in this vid? thanks
    oh hey check me out or just google juketastrafe

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